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Thanks for the Rich Jew coat Gma

Thanks for the Rich Jew coat Gma

August 20





Joan Crawford in Possessed (1931)

82 years later and it’s still relevant

This will never not be relevant.

82 years and we still have to fucking tell men this shit

Dream large, Miss Winters.


This was a great wake up call both literally and to ALS. Don’t forget to donate if you do the challenge, awareness will only take us so far!

10 hours ago

I’m not crazy. I’m unique.


Girl, Interrupted (1999)


Girl, Interrupted (1999)

Sophie Turner and Pedro Pascal taking part in the Ice Bucket Challenge to help raise awareness for ALS.

22 hours ago

I accept the nomination for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and I hereby nominate Bill Murray, Andrew Gar-Field of Dreams, and Dame Maggie Smith (x)


i hate old crusty ass adults who are like “how can you love someone youve never met or touched” shut up you dont know how to open new tabs in your internet browser


How long until white feminists say nicki is capitalizing on black stereotypes and holding her women back and objectifying herself for the male gaze even tho she bit into the banana and chopped it off and slapped drakes hand

If they say exactly these dumbass arguments someone needs to give me $10


It’s funny, having the same name as someone. Me, Emma Watson and Emma Stone, the amount of times I’ve been called Emma Watson or Emma Stone is so funny. It’s just ‘cause we’re all named Emma. None of us look alike.

22 hours ago

For so long, all I wanted was to be like other people, to feel what they felt. But now that I do, I just want it to stop. (Season 8)

22 hours ago